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Benefits of Dahi Phulki: The weather in Pakistan is always hot throughout the summer, and the temperature here always breaks records. The temperature here in summer always surpasses 45 degrees. The temperature here can sometimes reach 50 degrees Celsius. In such scorching temperatures, individuals must stay hydrated. Otherwise, they may become dehydrated; we must consume fluids to avoid this. People in Pakistan require sufficient water to avoid dehydration, but because the whole state is surrounded by desert, Salty Water so there is a severe water deficit. People are hardly getting enough water to stay hydrated. In Karachi Lahore Peshwar, Pakistan, there is a meal called Dahi phulki that solves this problem.

Dahi Phulki { Boondi – Bondi} Health Benefits Dadijan Papad

A phulki is a small fried ball of gram flour. They’re simple to prepare at home and can be found at most supermarkets or sweet stores, or online at Shop.dadijan.com. They’re salty and crunchy. Boondi is frequently served with chaat cuisines such as Dahi or Dahi Bhalla, or it is put with the spicy water of pani puri. Warm water is used to soak these crisp, tiny balls (boondi). As a result, they grow in size and become very soft. Their crispiness is completely gone. They are pressed to remove excess water before being added to the spiced yogurt. So you’ve had a spicy yogurt on your tongue with soft boondi melting in it.

Dahi Phulki is an easy dish to prepare. It goes well with any Pakistani food. However, this raita pairs nicely with rice dishes like aloo paratha, Chole Bhature, biryani, or pulao.

How To Make Dahi Phulki / Recipe of Dahi Phulki {Boondi/Bondi}

Chickpea flour and water are mixed together to produce boondi. Salt and a pinch of chili powder would be added to the spicy version. This mixture is then transferred using a perforated scoop suspended in boiling oil. The mixture falls into the oil-like droplets thanks to the perforated scoop. It is then deep-fried till crispy. When it is finished, it will be served with curd, spices, and mint leaves its high protein snacks.

This curd and boondi combination is known as Boondi Raita, and it is a wonder food for Pakistan’s weather. It will provide you with a lot of minerals and keep you hydrated. Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium, Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamins, and fibers are all present. This meal provides our bodies with a lot of nutrients to help them combat the heat of summer.

Top Phulki Manufacturer in Pakistan

In the past 2021 pandemic scenarios, people created a boondi at home or bought them online for various reasons. If you want to buy dahi phulki online, Dadijan is the top boondi producer in Pakistan. We not only manufacture phulki but also papad, Nimco, snacks, Mirchi, etc. We are offering high-quality flavors.

Best Combination of Dahi Phulki with Chaat Papdi & Eojye Dahi papdi / papri chaat 

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